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Digital Banking

Developing Banking Solutions for Any Platform

We know Fintech through and through, and we double down on digital banking. With extensive experience building mobile-only banks and complex banking systems, we are well-equipped to deliver secure digital banking solutions with robust back end, appealing design, and intuitive user experience. We believe that digital is the future of finance, and we know how to develop a digital banking system that will be a part of this future.

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What We Offer

  • Full-cycle development of digital banking solutions, mobile-only banks, and other banking systems.
  • Cyber security competence required to create a well-protected fintech software.
  • Business analysis expertise to create not only robust but relevant and regulatory-compliant banking solutions.
  • Product management capabilities to ensure a smooth business development of the product.
  • Extensive fintech experience to become your asset.
  • Support and maintenance of the products we developed.

Why Us?

A full-cycle product engineering company. We take your product from a business idea to the implementation phase.

One that's been caned is worth two that haven't. We had a negative experience with our product, so we know how to ensure that you will have only a positive one.

FinTech is our territory. We’ve been building and polishing finance apps of different complexities and worked with fintech players of various sizes.

Knowledge of the regulatory environment. We know the nuances of unique fintech legislations and regulations and capable of developing a digital bank that will comply with them.

Business expertise. We not just develop a product, but bring in our business expertise to ensure that it’ll be competitive and relevant in the dense financial industry.

Experience, talents, and processes. We combine them all in proper proportions to design and develop mission-critical applications.

We trust you, and you can trust us.

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KindGeek can help you become a part of digital advance.

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Digital Banking Successes and Failures

Without a doubt, Digital Banking is The Thing of Fintech. It rocks the house, disrupts global and local banking industries, changes people’s views of banking once and for all, and creates multi-million and billion dollar companies. However, it all applies to Digital Banking done well. There are plenty of examples of neobanks or digital extensions to traditional banks that failed to perform well on the market despite the near ideal conditions and staggering demand. And more often than not, at the core of such failures was an inadequate app.

An app is what drives people to a modern bank. No matter how amazing a bank's propositions are, without a nice app, it will fall behind competition hard. People want a flawless and enjoyable user experience, smooth performance, and maximum of efficiency with a minimum of required actions. Basically, they want to feel in full, unprecedented control of their personal mini-banks. And an app that delivers such an experience will become their inseparable partner. Here, at KindGeek, our job is to create such apps.

With a properly crafted digital banking app, the opportunities of Fintech are yours to grab, just reach your hand. And it applies to everyone: startups, giant banks that want to transform, and local banks that want to expand their reach. It’s a road to a sure success, but it requires thorough planning and impeccable execution.

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We are a Ukrainian company. KindGeek was founded in Ukraine; our co-founders are from Ukraine, and all of our team members call Ukraine home.

KindGeek was launched during the Revolution of Dignity and the beginning of the russian aggression against Ukraine. We knew it would be a long road, but our values were clear early on: at KindGeek, we do not do business with russians and wholeheartedly work for Ukraine’s future.

During the full-scale russian invasion, we continue developing high-quality innovative technological products while volunteering and donating funds. We work for Ukraine’s economy as our army resists the unprovoked Russian war against Ukraine.

What you can do

We ask for any help you can offer, whether that is by peacefully protesting, speaking to your representatives, or donating funds. Here are links to trustworthy organizations in need of donations.